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Lisa Ludwig, Attorney Portland, Oregon

Kevin Barton, Washington County District Attorney (DA)

Rich was made to take mandatory polygraphs while on Post-Prison Supervision. You will take them at the request of your supervising officer, you will pay for them, no you are not entitled to the results (See bottom of each page.). You will at least take one every 6 months. The examiner can ask you anything, absolutely grotesque things and you will answer or go to jail. Farm animals have more rights.
The polygraph results: November 11, 2018 polygraph test/results, January 4, 2019 full disclosure polygraph test/results (Pertains to alleged victims.),
July 5, 2019 polygraph test/results. Never failed a polygraph. I was only able to obtain these three because they came to me as discovery for a lawsuit. You could never imagine the legal nightmare Rich and his family went through due to the smooth legal wranglings of Lisa Ludwig and Graham Fisher, Attorneys of Portland, Oregon. Isabella Frump and her Dancing Penguins could have done as well and would have cost a lot less. All they did was put in an appearance for the show of it. The best advice I was given by them was how to survive in prison for 8 years.

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Graham Fisher, Portland Attorney

Lisa Ludwig, Portland Attorney
Kevin Barton, Washington County District Attorney
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